It’s funny … everyone has an opinion.

I’ve been in network marketing since 1999 and so it’s nothing new for people to be skeptical. My problem with skeptics has always been, that they never wait to get informed before forming their skeptical opinions.


While looking around on Twitter to see who’s talking about WakeUpnow, especially coming out of their recent Convention #AStepBeyond, held in Salt Lake City, Utah – where a lot of exciting announcements were made. WakeUpNow continues to grow, improve evolve, and make its way toward becoming what its CEO’s envision; An Iconic Company.

As I looked around, what I found on twitter were a lot of people who are uninformed asking the question ‘What Happened to WakeUpNow?’ – as if the company has gone out of business. This couldn’t be further from the truth; in fact anyone who’s actually ‘in the know’ realizes that WakeUpNow just had a phenomenal first and second quarter here in 2014.

To the tune of $26 Million; boasting $16 Million in the first quarter; and another $9 Million in quarter #2. These numbers can all be read as they continue to be a very transparent operation. In fact, anyone who really wants to know what’s happening in wakeupnow, simply needs to stay connected to someone who’s also In the Know. Like me.

I met Seemore Green, aka Eric Turner on facebook – and reached out to let him knowI enjoyed his marketing style. Back then he was not part of WakeUpNow; in fact – WakeUpNow was no where in the discussion of MLM when we started building our friendship. He watched as I began developing TopNetworkersGroup and over the years we spent many nights talking about the status of our industry.

When he joined Wakeupnow, it wasn’t a ‘new’ opportunity; I was aware of the company and had no interest whatsoever. However out of respect for Seemore, I did take a look. I did have to admit that the WakeUpNow company he joined absolutely was better than the first version I saw, about 12 months prior. Since that time, this company has continued to improve. So why are people asking ‘What Happened To WakeUpNow” on Twitter?

The answer is simple and yet a bit unsettling as well.

WakeUpNow – frankly, has attracted a lot of young black people who have a dream of attaining residual income. The problem here is that black people have a VERY tough time in business. Especially in MLM. This comes from a long tradition of being duped in the American system – which has continually taken advantage of our people. So when the average black person brings a concept to their friends, like WakeUpnow – or Any MLM company really – the black community simply is just not ready for what they see.

Dr. Claude Anderson makes the point that black people are too caught up in working a job. Too many black people prefer to get a job, than to get free through a business ‘opportunity’ – Most of us just have no real concept of what that means. We’ve been trained to think and act like employees and consumers; rather than producers; or owners. So this negative world view impacts our decisions – especially when it comes to MLM.

What you see here is an example of a brother, reaching out to hate on another brother. It’s sad to witness and yet it’s something I went through with most of my good friends when I first Joined the MLM Industry. (read How Living Paycheck to Paycheck Landed me in Network marketing) I actually decided to engage in this twitter conversation just to let him know that WakeUpNow is doing just fine.

…. “Opportunity” .. in quotes too. Our people for the most part, have a real bad view of MLM. The truth is, we know almost nothing about business ownership. This is one of several subjects that was kept away from our people during Slavery. So we have a lot to learn about this; just as we have a lot to learn about how to talk to & respect one another.

This is just one of several tweets where people are asking this question


Some of them are doing it to tease the friends whom they also chose not to support. Others are doing it because they really want information. As a professional, I will be engaging with people to find out why they are in WakeUpnow; or why not?

The company is doing just fine. However, this is TopNetworkersGroup. We keep it all the way real here. We’ve been telling everyone in our industry to listen – any company can go out of business. That’s just how business goes. So to prepare our business partners for absolutely anything that could happen, we’ve taken the focus off of the company; and put the focus where it belongs – On The TEAM – Take a serious look at our One MLM System to see our plan to RULE the MLM industry; and show others ‘the right way’ to approach making money in 2014 and beyond!

MLM is an awesome business model and is perhaps a Godsend for the black Community. Visit The Black Folder to learn more about how, and Why Black people should take a Serious Look at the Network Marketing Industry.

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*Update as of Feb 24th 2015 (actually even before this actual date) – While looking over our blog It came up that This Very Post is where we were Initially Telling You About the importance of Focusing on The Team (literally wrote that in the second to last paragraph back in September of 2014; when I initially published this article. WakeUpNow is Done – So much fallout has occurred since – Leaders are all going their separate ways; sadly the networks are being broken apart; which is word for word what we describe thoroughly in our System Presentation. It’s throughout this very post when even I believed that WakeUpNow ‘could’ find a way to pull itself together. However, as promised we kept it all the way Real.  Make sure you are working with My group and following my lead out here. I won’t steer you wrong – but other ‘leaders’ will.