Here’s why you need a blog.

Blogs get hits; visits; traffic; A blog, actually is a website. It’s a way for YOU to actually connect with other people. It’s a free tool to grow YOUR business, no matter what business it is. This point in time is very interesting because I think a lot of people are missing that aspect of a blog; Know what people do?

They set up a blog, and post an article that someone ELSE wrote… and call that giving value.

What value are you really giving, if they could have gotten that from some one else?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with referencing other articles, or including additional content in your blog; afterall – it’s yours – and that DOES add value to it, when YOU are also contributing. Now, that is value.

That’s where a blog can be useful, if used correctly – like almost everything and anything in life.

A blog, is a chance for you to find Your audience.

Find the people who are interested in what You have to say and share; and from there, you can truly endorse just about any product, service, or company that you’d like; because your audience has diverse interests.

Just like you.

That’s why blogs are really vital for business; blog about your business or whatever you’d like – your audience will find you and if you’d like, you can even put money into advertising so that your blog will Definitely be found…..

By the way…. definitely is definitely the hardest word in the human vocabulary to spell … possibly.

Meanwhile, setting up a blog has become SUPER easy; and I’m not going to give a tutorial of setting a blog up right here and now – because that is what Training is for; and because this blog, is almost entirely dedicated to business (our chosen niche for this blog), this is where I plug ::: ::: come and work with the team; we have officially launched and the SITES are coming out so that we all can make some serious money together, using Various methods to Meet our goal :: online and offline networking, and marketing, as it was always meant to be!

Get excited about that 🙂

Get a blog … but you don’t necessarily have to blog about business. You can blog about anything really; or everything really … because again, a blog is a website – if you think of it that way then you can understand the value of having one; it may not be as nice as a Well Designed website that you pay Well Designed Money for – but you can use the various templates provided by the various providers – I mean there is really no Limit to what you can Do – and like anything, the more work you put in, the better results you’ll get out!

Do you understand why you need a blog and what you can do With one by now?

If so … what are you doing with yours?

Leave a Comment and let’s Expand this conversation for others who may still be on the fence… Thanks for stopping by.