I remember when I made a video; and a blog post about how YouTube’s Flagging System is Flawed; and one of the people ‘working’ with me at the time, posted about how if you don’t want your videos flagged, don’t make videos about ‘certain topics’ – Most likely his post had nothing to do with me though; then again maybe it did; because I later found out that the dude was just like most people who kick tires in Opportunities; and Pretend to be a serious leader; but really are just trying to ‘steal ideas’ to use for self.

I digress…

How many of you know who Ray Higdon is? He’s a vastly successful network marketer, who trained other leaders in our industry today like David Wood, and several others. He’s very respected throughout the industry, and even He has had his videos flagged on Youtube (though following the community guidelines)

Somehow, I missed this from 6 months ago; Ray Higdon said bye to YouTube.

::: and while listing all his Reasons for saying bye bye, I just hope that former business associate; and others who decided to feel some how I did something to ‘deserve’ the Community strikes I got; I hope they’ll understand that they’re entirely out of bounds with that line of thought.

In fact – it’s just like what Ray Says; When you’re producing content and getting views and the things you are sharing help other people; You will have Haters. Haters can attack your channel; and it’s a real shame that it’s part of their ‘algorithm’ – even worse that they’ve chosen not to fix the flaw – because it runs Great content creators away from this free and powerful platform.

We all cannot afford to ‘pay’ for #videohosting – so we all cannot follow suit; but once again this speaks to the downside of Our Decision as Network Marketers not to work in a more ‘united’ spirit. Haters team up and spread Hate in Groups; This needs to be combatted by Groups of People Purposely Bent On spreading Love, Kindness and Joy. That’s who us Network Marketers are supposed to be – but we get caught up in the ideas and emotions of the ‘world’ and ‘society’ around us.

Where is our “Class Action Movement” as Members of MLM to contact YouTube and Let them know people are Abusing their Flagging Tool? Where is our Unified Front?

Well it’s missing.

We network marketers do not have that Unified Spirit that we need – the idea we’ve been talking about; since 2010; That WE must come Together and work Together; to make our industry better; stronger; and more Secure.

If you’d like to join with me in Accomplishing this Goal; To Help More People Make more Money in MLM; To Make our Industry Better; To shield our Partners better from the Hate-Groups; To form MORE groups of Positive, Love-Focused Leaders – Put your best EMAIL here ::: http://topnetworkersgroup.com/start ::: and let’s discuss what we are doing; and what role you can play on our Team;

There is a Brand New Recording that I just put up for all NEW Opt ins to my list. I’ve also got links to my previous posts regarding YouTube’s Flawed Flagging System.

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Now keep this in mind when you read what I wrote; that was back in July of 2014. Ray’s video about leaving YouTube happened after that post. Did he read my blog and decide to move on? Most of the reasons he cites are true. It has happened to me. I’m almost off of ‘punishment’ – but was targeted over Comments I made, concerning the Kannaway Opportunity. As it turns out, several of My sources in the network marketing community informed me that this is a very well funded operation. I believe they paid people to target and false-flag my videos. I also believe there are several “False Leaders” in MLM giving out bad advice to go against our message of Multiple Streams of Income; Security; and most importantly, Unity. Without that, the first two are impossible to achieve.

Oddly enough, Ray Higdon is a leader whom I hold a ton of respect for; BUT I have seen him in videos talking about how ‘we’ as network marketers should focus on A company. As many of you know this goes against OUR philosophy. We feel you should focus on your TEAM – #TeamOverCompany is one of our slogans. However, I do not know Ray Higdon. So I doubt very seriously that he’s saying those things because of me.

I do however, feel that if more influential leaders LIKE Ray Higdon were talking about the things I am talking about; we would be able to Insulate and Protect ourselves against the false-flaggers; we could stand united and defend our fellow business partners – regardless of what company or companies they are part of. (Read More Team Over Company Posts)