was created in August of 2010 – mostly as an Idea to make a ‘roadmap’ for my business partners at the time to follow, and teach to others. I wanted us to be able to grow a massive network marketing organization, that makes money from multiple places; not just one. I didn’t know what kind of journey I was in for, but I have to tell you that I’m glad I made the decision to start. It’s been an amazing journey, and the future is brighter now than ever before.

When I started TopNetworkersGroup it was on the heels of a decision to leave the team I had worked with for all of my MLM Industry career. I never really had the greatest experiences working with them but I can say that there were more positives than negatives. In fact, having great teachers helped me manage my perceptions. I took the negatives and looked for the positives within them. I found so many – and they’re all an integral part of what TopnetworkersGroup is about to this day.

The Very Core Idea of TopNetworkersGroup is respect.

After respect, is loyalty – not to a company – to a product or a service; but to one another; To The Team; To the Network. These two core principles are the guiding forces of our philosophy – that … It’s About The Team, Not the Company.

I’ve always felt, that when you and I have multiple streams of income tied to one company – what we really have is One stream of income. An MLM company with a diversified product/service line is not enough for you and I to achieve absolute financial freedom in what is currently the 5th Wave of the MLM Industry.

Let me slow down a moment for you to understand what the 5th Wave is – in my early days of my career in MLM I read books About MLM. This knowledge of my field has always given me a distinct advantage over other marketers. It has also caused several of them to be somewhat jealous.  Sadly where I thought my partners would be inspired by my knowledge, many felt threatened.  More negative experiences like these, helped reveal deeper issues within the MLM Industry, that bring me to another Core aspect of our Philosophy. Education.

I figure if I am on the same educational plane with my business partners, if we are all speaking the same language and have the same understanding of our profession, together We can accomplish things that other networks have not. We can accomplish goals that other network marketers, will never seek to achieve – goals many of them will believe are unreachable – a belief that stems from the very lack of education I encountered coming up in this industry. This lack of education has gotten worse in today’s age, where Opportunity is abundant and absolutely everywhere. Meanwhile, actual quality training is not.

Education in MLM – is the Training I’m speaking about. This is a skillset. You will always need a system that will train (educate) you and your business partners; and their business partners, and their business partners. This is the true purpose of National Conventions that most MLM Companies hold, 3-4 times per year. This gives the entire company a chance to come and get trained (educated) by the very people who are Leading the company. During the year, most of these companies also host special events for the top leadership ranks, and top producers.

This allows the Top Leaders to get personally trained by the people who are Leading the company, creating a unified message. This is important to every single company, because there is no other way to ensure duplication. There is a saying in MLM; it does not matter what works, what matters is what can be duplicated. The essence of MLM is found in it’s simplicity, that anyone can do it. You and I refer things to people every single day. We just don’t get paid for doing it. Unless you’re part of a MLM company and you are referring people to products that also provide you with a % of what those referrals spend.

It gets even better as others can also turn around and refer people; and Both of you earn a % from those sales. Several MLM companies pay a % out on several levels, or generations of referrals. I tell Sam, and he tells David, and David tells John. John Tells Sue, and she tells Robin. All of them go out and gather a handful of customers. And because I told Sam, I am going to get a % of it all. It’s a beautiful Business model, not only for me, but also for Sam – as he too is getting a % from all that production.

It’s a fair business model too. Sam can out earn me. Robin can earn more than Sam and I combined. It’s all about what each person does with their opportunity. TopNetworkersGroup recently released this training which explains how this is possible. So many people who have never been shown this before, believe that the people at the top of an MLM make all of the money. The truth is – you are at the top of your own company within a company; and what you do determines your success or your failure.

This saying of ‘your company’ within a company doesn’t always feel like it’s real; depending on the MLM company you are aligned with. This is one of the realities that comes with the 5th Wave I mentioned earlier. There are so many MLM companies out there and not all of them are alike. We started pointing several of these differences out in the very beginning of TopNetworkersGroup – and everything came together with our One MLM System to Teach, Train, and Educate our entire team.

With So many changes and so much that is new and still, so much that is old, like anything everyone of us could use some help. We began putting together ‘training areas’ all the way back in 2010 – here are a couple of screenshots below.

tng-training-cg tng-training-tba

Once again, these training sections were created to make sure that our business partners had everything they would need to be successful. It also gave my business partners and I a central location to get together and build our organization. Consider these ‘early, less sophisticated versions’ of our One MLM System; Both however, come from my training in this industry, starting with the very first company I joined.  This is where I learned how important it is, to create an environment where my people can win; giving them the support and training they need to succeed!

However, Training – like a good book, is only useful when the education is applied.

As we move forward into 2015, we are excited about what the next year holds in store. It will be a year where all of our ideas start to truly come into fruition. So much of what we have been doing, has been all part of a process. Things like this take time. We’re not like everybody else out there, and what we are doing is so unconventional. It’s taking time for our idea to really soak in, especially with leaders who are resistant to change.

However the turmoil of the MLM Industry continues; companies continue to go out of business. Company owners continue to sell their companies to Other companies. MLM organizations have a tough time staying together – as people jockey to be ‘first’ in pre-launch opportunities promising to be the next BIG thing. Everyone believes the people at the top make all the money, so naturally this is why they are not making money now. They got in too late.

So they figure ‘getting in early’ is the answer.

Over the years I’ve seen so many people get in early with a company that goes under pretty early. Those leaders end up floating around from one opportunity to the next after that happens. Many fade out completely. This is a tough industry to be in, when you’re loyal to a company, that is not loyal to you. The owner of that MLM company did not create the opportunity for you to get rich. They created it, to sell a product or a service that they came up with. They need customers for it. That’s where you and I come in.

If (and when) that company gets bought out; the other company may not need their MLM customer acquisition sales force anymore. I’ve seen so many people lose their incomes overnight. If no one is telling you this, then how are you going to actually be prepared for it when it happens to you?

Enter, TopNetworkersGroup – and everything that has unfolded for us so far. Catch up on everything we will do for you – by watching our 2 Year Anniversary 1mlmsystem Overview – right now! This takes you on a short journey from where we have been for the past couple of years with our Training System for our team; and also where We are going.

After Two years, I am here to report – that TopNetworkersGroup will change MLM forever, starting in 2015. Every single development has led up to this moment.  For those who have expected us to be a large organization by now, they simply have not been paying attention. Many people talk without knowledge; this never stops people from voicing their ideas. It never matters if those ideas are accurate, these days, most people just like to hear themselves talk. That’s not the case with me, even though I do put out several videos. I do it because I have to do it. But I am looking forward to the day where I am able to take a back seat, and allow the Leadership Team of TopNetworkersGroup to take the helm; to teach, train and educate the entire organization.

That day is soon approaching. The day of Network Marketers making Professional Money is soon approaching. The day of seeing a higher % of people making money – by following a systematic approach, is soon approaching. I am glad to have played a role in it. I hope you will look back on your role and be proud of where you stood. You will either be part of what we do, or you will wish you had been part of it.

I recently watched a documentary on The Rise of Amazon. It’s pretty inspirational, because like Amazon, TopNetworkersGroup is seeking to do something revolutionary. We too, are seeking to change the world. Thankfully we’ve had the ‘time’ to develop ourselves, our ideas, and our system.  Thankfully we’ve had time to sort for leaders – and we have figured out, what so many are yet to. That team must be the focus; never the company. That fundamentals matter, and can be duplicated. That Together, we can do so much more than ‘just’ get customers for others; We can get customers for our selves…

The future is bright – I’m ready for the New Year; I hope you are too!

The Story of Amazon from CNBC