The reason Youtube does literally nothing about False Flagging is simple.

They don’t have to.

False Flagging is a real issue for several people who use YouTube; The truth is anyone who’s channel Is within the community guidelines can have their videos and their account false flagged. This feature is the biggest flaw YouTube has. Yet, in spite of numerous blogs written about it, videos talking about it, false flagging continues to be a reality – nothing is being done.

It’s not like we have another alternative.

This is the entire problem.

When we look at alternatives to YouTube we come up with a list of websites that are often Worse than YouTube. Sites like Vimeo will let you share videos but, they better not contain any information on making money. If they do, those videos will be removed.

This is the problem with most YouTube Alternatives. They’re much more restrictive on what kinds of videos you can share; and seem to really want to control your freedom speech. Some will allow you some flexibility IF you pay them a monthly fee. This option however sucks – because who really wants to pay for a YouTube alternative??

Other alternatives includes sites like DailyMotion, Viddler, and several others which lack the traffic that YouTube has; but also have a ton of restrictions on what you can and cannot share. Here I was, thinking we lived in the land of the Free.

However the real issue here, has more to do with our Society; and Big Corporations; and Monopolies, than anything else. False Flagging happens because big corporations are too lazy to pay for quality customer service representatives.

When someone does not like a video; they can simply Report (or flag) that video. If they’re a big enough loser, they will assemble with other big losers and will report (flag) videos whether they are in violation or not.

Youtube’s customer service is entirely Robotic.

This allows for a few people to pocket a LOT of money and not worry about paying people to make sure these reports are Not False.  So when the robot algorithm see’s a video has been flagged a certain amount of time, it automatically removes that video..

Sending appeals to YouTube is a waste of time; A computer reads your email; and always decides it made the right decision.  To date, I only know of one person who was able to get their appeal read – She happened to be white.

I’m not saying her race played a role in getting her complaint read – but she’s the only person I know who got her channel restored; and everyone else I know has not. Recently Our Channel has been under attack; mostly from big Losers who are involved in the Kannaway Opportunity.

I made a video exposing this scam for what it is; and several people got upset with me for it. While I am sure my race played no role in their decision to bash me and false flag my videos for sharing my Opinion on their opportunity; that sure is the vibe I felt.

You see, several others like Troy Dooley share ‘opinions’ on MLM Opportunities; those opinions are not always supportive of those opportunities. BUT the vast majority of comments You see on his videos, are pretty respectful. I am not saying that his white skin is the reason that his views are more accepted and tolerated. I just have not seen his channel being false flagged; while several others (other channels: and other social media sites too Dr. Boyce Watkins Banned From Facebook) are. This problem of false flagging extends beyond YouTube.

Recently a very controversial content creator on YouTube, by the name of Tommy Sotomayor also had His channel false flagged – once again, not saying his black skin is the reason that his Opinionated videos are not tolerated. But again you can see why YouTube needs to take action on this huge flaw.

However, as is the case with most things that mostly impact black people; Very little is ever done; This is especially true when it comes to BIG Corporations vs. The Little Guy.

You see, ever since Google bought YouTube; their customer service has worsened.

False Flagging has become more of a problem; it’s a HUGE issue on Google+ – a few complaints will trigger an account suspension and; there is no real appeals process. It’s clearly the same algorithm. Whether you’re actually in violation or not, does not matter to the algorithm. This is why Google+ will never compete with Facebook – at least, as long as Facebook continues to treat customer service with respect.

False Flagging is not a real issue on Facebook – they clearly have a real staff of real people; so that when the algorithms are triggered; a real human being looks into whether or not it’s real. When it’s real, action is taken. When it’s a false report – user accounts are restored.

This is why Facebook is Still the Champion of Social Media Sites.

For now though, YouTube has no competition. They have no reason to BE the best.

They are the ONLY ….

A real Youtube Alternative is sorely needed in the marketplace. A real site just like YouTube that allows people to upload anything they wish; so long as it’s not pornography or some kind of hate speech; and then hire REAL People to read the reports; This would go a long way to make YouTube do something about their huge Flaw; If people start Leaving YouTube for other sites, it will impact their dollar.

Sadly the ONLY way to get the attention of big Corporations, is to impact their bottom line.

You see, what YouTube really needs, is a threat for people who Flag Videos; that THEY will lose their account if YouTube finds that the video was NOT a violation of Community Guidelines. This would make people think twice before flagging a video, that they just don’t like – vs. flagging a video that is a real violation.

While all of us can agree this is what ‘should’ be done; It will not be until there is a real alternative in the marketplace.  Till that day comes, False Flagging will be a reality – where freedom of speech is still not free; and possible perceived racism will have a place to live, and thrive; as Black people who create content are treated differently from non-blacks.

Apparently it’s ok for non-blacks to discuss financial freedom and income opportunities on YouTube; however if blacks are doing it – it may be a scam; at least that’s what YouTube told me in my email; I made a Review of WakeUpNow, which discussed my personal results so far with the opportunity. The video is no longer on YouTube; thanks to it being flase flagged – but here is a description of Why it was taken down.


As you can see, this Strike is the ‘second’ strike on my account. The first one came after I made a video where I was attempting to cry for help, from Bullying.

A gentleman who took up a real issue with my Kannaway Review, really wouldn’t stop commenting all over my videos. The guy was insulting my personal and professional experience in the industry. He was really and truly crossing the line. I felt, and still feel that he is the main guy Leading the charge against me; and when I noticed the negative energy coming from him, I made a video pointing out that THIS guy has NO experience whatsoever in MLM. I Found his google+ page, which showed he spent the majority of his life as a Contractor; they make really good money too – and his quality of work told me even more about him.

He clearly knew nothing about MLM and simply got into Kannaway to make a buck.

For some reason, he brought his apparent dislike for black people with him; because again, his comments were Over the Line and dripping with disrespect on a personal level; when He and I had never spoken at any point in time. So I made a video about the guy.

This was my First Strike.

false flagging on youtubeStrike Kannaway

The funniest part about this was, “I” was the one being bullied.

The Video was about the bullying that was happening TO me!

But, clearly in America when a black person complains that white people are bullying him or her; Those complaints are tuned out; and instead it is the white person who’s view is respected. This is why I am talking about ‘perceived racism‘.

Perhaps racism is not even a factor in why these things are happening – but it sure seems that way. As I look over my 15 year career in MLM; and the past 5 years of using YouTube to share information on how we can improve our lives – most of the black business owners I know have had this challenge to overcome; Most of the white business owners I know – have not.

I was on a different website not too long ago; and this is almost entirely unrelated – but ties directly in as well. A social network who I won’t even gratify with a free name-drop promotion; seemed to have this same kind of hypocritical approach to dealing with cyber bullies; I made a comment on someone’s page; They responded to my comment with insults; Then 3 of their friends chimed in with insults; Suddenly it was 1 vs 4; I defended myself. More people chimed in who were already friends of the 4; Suddenly it was 1 vs. 12.

Naturally, all 12 reported me as the bully – my account was terminated.

So I made a new account, came back at those 12 bullies; who all used Racial Slurs; I took Screen Shots; One of the Admins of the site got directly involved and Just when I thought “Thank God, some Human interaction and some Help” – she was just as racist as the rest were. She ignored my screen shots, even removed them from the site; because they contained offensive language. Did nothing about or two the people who USED the offensive language; and again, my New account was terminated.

This went on for some time; Till I got tired of it and moved on; but more and more admins joined in; and soon I was the talk of the network – turns out, all the admins were totally ok with racial slurs being used on black people. They had a problem with me Defending myself.

This experience with my Kannaway bullying video; really reminded me of my experience on that social network; apparently it’s ok to bully black people in America; It’s not okay for black people to defend themselves against bullies.

This is why false flagging, will continue to be a problem for people – especially, for black people; because it’s tied into bigger issues that most of us have nothing to do with. (Professor Devin Addresses Gary Vaynerchuk’s Remarks No Gatekeepers – says it’s false – now the Gatekeepers are Social media Sites; Run by whites who still have the final say so.)

Combined with NO real youtube alternatives; Houston, we have a problem.

I am not sure if there is anything anyone can do to help MY situation at this time. I realize there are several people who don’t want to admit that racism is still around. Also, I understand some folks are probably upset, or disappointed that I even brought it up. Because that’s the society we live in today. Black people are never supposed to bring up racism; ever.

If I were white, for some odd reason I think I’d have a major issue with all of this – then again, chances are slim I’d experience any of these things; so I’d be less likely to believe they are happening to anyone else.  This feeds into the lack of YouTube alternatives – because in general, the people who are most likely to create an alternative; Don’t need to.

If you’ll do a search of False Flagging on YouTube; you will find a handful of non-blacks in the feed; BUT you will notice the majority of videos; are made by other black users.

Perhaps someone NEEDED to bring up the race issue.

Maybe someone NEEDED to bring up the fact that we have NO real alternatives.

Perhaps this blog post will do nothing at all. But hey, doesn’t hurt to try.

I just want to bring attention to the problem; Point out the perceived racism; and provide enough reason, I hope for someone to create a real alternative.

Especially if we really and truly respect freedom of speech in this Country.

It’s unlikely false flagging will stop; until something serious is done about the people who engage in this big time loser practice.

*Update (5/19/16) Check out a RECENT EVENT involving false flagging:

Azealia Banks vs. The Business

Recently entertainer and music performer Azealia Banks was censored for making ‘inappropriate remarks’ on her Twitter account. In spite of there being several people who also make remarks that are not appropriate, her account got suspended. Why? Simple. The same algorithms used by YouTube are also used by sites like Twitter. If enough people flag you, your account is gone. Its a serious flaw that too many ‘large websites’ rely on.  Meanwhile, we keep on allowing false flagging to continue.