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The Structure Matters

Too often in network marketing people 'debate' to show how intelligent they are while too many people LOSE MONEY! Stop debating and listen to common sense. Organization Always Matters. Structure always Matters. Therefore "Relationships" Matter.

The way you hear about an Opportunity Matters.

Stop SPONSOR Hopping because you are ENRICHING people who do not DESERVE to have YOU in their 'organization' since THEY did not tell you FIRST. In network marketing, we REWARD the person who TOLD us by signing up with them. If you were NOT REFERRED To TopNetworkersGroup by Me (the Founder) Please do NOT sign up on My List. Please get back to the person that told you about this; THEY SHould have a 'list' for you to join. You can (and should) also join US through their referral link for the One MLM System. We Want to Align Ourselves into an Organization.

Learn the "Right Way" to Create Multiple Streams of Income All From the Comfort of Your Home! The "Keyword" is the RIGHT Way. Most of you are doing it Wrong.

The Rewards, Reputation Or "Rank" is based on Participation & Production

Like anything, MLM is Results Driven. Participation 'alone' does not Produce Results.

The System = Duplication

Production "results" are a byproduct of duplication. People join People, Not companies. everything hinges on Duplication; Some call that Robotic, Cult-like. Yes, Cult, comes from the 'root word' Culture', and so Anything can be a Cult; Good or Bad.

TopNetworkersGroup is building a "Success Culture" and we don't need 'individuals' who want to be robots that follow what others are doing within the network marketing industry.

(wait ... stop thinking you're about to join a kool-aid drinking CULT though! That's silly immature nonsense. CULTS's exist; but that's not what 'this' is - not a Jim Jones retreat; network marketing is a business model; like franchising, but more affordable. That being said I really don't like 'product based' companies; unless there is an affordable way for me and my partners to get a % of profits, from a company with reputable products.)

We want people willing to do the work required, to build a Solid, Organization. Long Term Profits from short term work.

WAIT - by 'short term' I'm talking 3 to 5 years; To build an income that will show up, residually, for the next 30 to 50 years; Willable to your kids - that 3-5 year window is a 'short term' amount of work; but WORK none the less; Most of you fail b/c you quit after 3 to 5 weeks! "sometimes" months!

BUT there is NO such Thing as Overnight Success

If you're willing to work, we'll work with you!

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