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Success Is The Journey,
Not The Destination
We Will Put You In
The Right Vehicle
We Will Give You
The Right Way
To Get To Where
You Want To Go

We are here to talk about the road to success - however it is important to understand that the road IS success. The Destination is evidence that we went on the journey. It is proof that we attained what we set out to pursue. The trappings of success should never be confused with success. While you are on the journey, what matters most, is that you remain on the journey. What else matters? The Vehicle you are in.

The vehicle we have chosen is Network Marketing. We believe in this industry, however there are some disturbing realities that we felt needed to be addressed. There are currently over 23 Million people in this home based business sector and yet only 3% of them are earning Full time income. The very people we are intended to help the most cannot take this way of making money seriously. Our mission here at TopNetworkersGroup is to help more people in MLM make more money in MLM. We do that through education. We believe that the best trained teams make the most money. We know this to be true. The way most networkers approach this industry - without loyalty; full of ego; and with a mentality of individuality - This plays a huge role in why 97% of people in this industry are not making money.

Along with education comes awareness. We are the first 5th Wave Network Marketing Organization - because we are aware of what time it is. The internet has changed absolutely everything about the world; especially the world of business. The internet is playing a key role in helping more and more people start and run businesses from home. However the Internet is also being used to spread lots of bad (Incorrect) information. Operating on bad information is like putting the wrong grade of gas into your vehicle. We have emerged to teach people the right way to do things. The right way to apply multiple streams of income to a network marketing organization. Learn how to protect yourself from 'just in case' - because any business can go Out of business. You need to be prepared so that you do not lose income based on the whims of business; and the winds of change.

Are You In the Ferrari Or are You In the Toyota Camry?

97% of people in MLM are in the Camry.

These are good cars and all, they're just not as fast or as durable as the Ferrari.

In fact, the truth is, The Journey called Success is going to require several vehicles.

The Camry vs Ferrari Story told in the Video is an 'old example' of the difference between a Job, and the MLM industry. While a person's chances to attain true financial freedom are better in MLM than they ever could be working for someone else; the truth is, only a small percentage of people are earning full time income.

That is a real problem!

You see, we all want Financial Freedom: that is, having money and time together as a result of creating Residual Income, using Leverage and Duplication -

But what keeps happening in the MLM industry today, is our 'networks' keep falling apart.

We keep having to build, and rebuild.

We know the solution, but we also have come to accept that this solution (at this time) is too new to be embraced by most of the industry. However, Our Solution will benefit a larger percentage OF our industry. For those who truly care about the financial freedom of others, for those who understand how all of us are connected - Out Team may be a good fit for you. We are absolutely not for everyone. But we are here, for those that want to be part of our overall mission - to Help more people make more money in MLM.